Recycled, handcrafted, one of a kind, from heavy gauge metal, lawn decorations, garden sculptures, animals, birdbaths, wind chimes, flower planters

Gallery B

                                                                        SIZE: 50" TALL

All of the pieces we produce are truly one of a kind.    We cannot guarantee that the next piece will be exactly as pictured on our web pages, depending on the scrap material that we happen to come across at that time.  But that is what makes our pieces unique and totally different from the one made just before it.

We welcome custom orders and are happy to accommodate requests as suggested.

The pictures on our site are just a small sampling of what we have in our studio.

Please check back from time to time to have a look and see what other new and creative pieces we post on our site.

                                          David and Sonia

                                                                   DRAGON FLY GARDEN STAKES

                                                                                SIZE:  60" TALL

                                                                                     The Swan                                                         

                                                                70 inches wide by 40inches tall, the body is made with car springs
                                                                             The Road Runner
                                           made with metal seed tubes and road sweeper brushes

Our Bull Dogs 
these adorable boys are made with snow plow parts 
                                                Wiener Dog
                                                                                                                                just a spring, nuts and bolts 


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